Suman Gujral


I specialise in printmaking. The aspect that I love most is that it is an unpredictable process so even if I believe that I have gone about inking up a piece in the same way there will be differences. This means that each piece I make is personal-even in an edition of 20 or more.

My work is based on the landscape and it records my experiences. I am interested in how we interact with the landscape and the memories it holds for us. Each of my pieces has a story but i believe we are all connected to our environment so my prints resonate with the experiences of the viewer too.

Recently my work has taken a more painterly approach where I have made unique prints-albeit on the same subject. I hand mix the colours for each print and layer them in different ways so that they are unique.

I have used different papers from India, Japan, Italy and the UK-which have their own qualities but also work together.

You can contact me via email on
or my mobile 07940576887


  • multilayered monoprints; etching
  • printmaking